Month: April 2014

Half Full: My Positivity Project


Half Full Positivity Project Image

For Lent, I added positivity.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. To yank myself out, I decided to add some forced positivity to each day. (Sounds fun, huh? …”forced positivity”…what does that EVEN MEAN?!)

Each day during Lent, I began my morning with some positive reflection during my drive to work — kind of like a little positivity pep-talk as a way to start the day off right (yep, super cheesy and self-helpy, just like you’re imagining it). At the end of each day, I’d posted a positive quote on instagram (usually at about midnight, after having fallen asleep at least twice…phone in hand, lights on, quote yet to be published…). I chose quotes that either reflected how the day went or that contained just the right amount of positive whoop ass that the current day had required. (To see all of my quotes, search the hashtag #HalfFull or visit my instagram page or check out the gallery at the bottom of the post).

I’ll be honest, some days were downright shiiiiitty. Some were difficult to reflect positively on or feel motivated to find quotes for. Yet having a dedicated moment of positive reflection each day allowed me to regroup and refresh emotionally and mentally, if even for just a few minutes. And I’m willing to bet that those crappy days would have been a bit more craptastic without that positivity nightcap.

I REALLY enjoyed this little project (aptly dubbed “Half Full” by yours truly). And I would encourage others — going through a rut or not — to do their own positivity project. You don’t have to post quotes publicly, but dedicating some time each day to positive reflection — not matter how bad the day — really makes a difference in your daily, weekly, and overall perspective and attitude.

If you do post quotes somewhere, tag them with #HalfFull so I can see! I would love to see how others do their own version of Half Full.

(If you’re wondering where I got the pics or how I created them…All of the background images are photos I’ve taken, be it the beach, a sunset after work, or a close-up of a shirt that was close-by — remember the whole, doing most of the posts while in bed thingy? YUP. You’d be surprised at the cool textures you can find within arm’s reach when you need to snap a quick pic…I would then edit the photo in either Snapseed or VSCOcam. For light flare, patterns, and text, I used PicLab — and voila! — positivity post.)