Month: May 2014



The other night, I pulled an all-nighter, like literally didn’t get ANY sleep. It wasn’t intentional.

So, I don’t really drink coffee…ever…only like 2-3x a month. This past week, it’s been about a bajillion degrees here in Santa Barbara and a late afternoon iced coffee sounded pretty damn refreshing. First mistake.

Around 12:30am, I got SUPER tired, but ended up powering through it because I was jamming on a web design project. Second mistake. Usually for me, if I push through “first tired,” I hit “second tired” a few hours later. Not that night.

I found myself still rocking away at 3am and decided it was time for bed (I was planning to get up at 7am to weed whack my yard — more on that at another time). I laid in bed until 4:30am, not getting the teensiest bit sleepy. So not cool. After 1.5 or 2 hours of unsuccessfully trying to go to sleep, it comes time to admit defeat. You might as well get up and do something productive (with the hope that it will make you a little tired).

So, I spent about 45 minutes getting caught up on Game of Thrones while doing exercises on the floor. I also had some string cheese and popcorn (sometimes a middle of the night snack helps the sleeping!). NOTHING. Just more awake. At one point, I considered taking a chug of wine or whiskey to persuade my mind and body to go to sleep, but room temperature alcohol in a room that was about 80 degrees…not so appealing.

Sunrise was going to be at about 5:50am, so I decided to head to the beach with my camera and a good book.

The sunrise was gorgeous. And more than just that, it was so peaceful and so calm that early in the day…the only other people out being dog walkers and early morning runners. Definitely a great thing to do when faced with a little insomnia. Plus, I got some much needed time with my camera (I got it in December and haven’t spent nearly enough time playing around with it).

Around 7:30am, I went and weed whacked for like 2 hours straight. When I was done, I got some fro-yo (yes, at 10:30am…I literally waiting in my car for 5 minutes for McConnell’s to open…It was like 90 degrees out!), went home and took a bath, and then napped for 4 hours.

Here are some shots from my early morning photo sesh.