Alright, it’s pretty clear this is technically becoming “June Blog Every Other Day,” but WHATEVER. This is already way more than I blogged in May, so we’re winning. The whole point in this challenge is to cultivate more consistent habits when it comes to blogging, which I think we’re achieving. (Plus, EVERY DAY is a bit ambitious…)


I have always had an impressive ability to multi-task…and to do it productively and successfully. One of the ways that this “gift” manifests itself is in the way I am able to INHALE TV shows. Hardcore binge-watching. (…that sounds dirty). It’s sometimes embarrassing, and once exposed, I feel like I have to really defend the fact that I’m a highly productive person and not some sloth who sits on the couch all the time.

We’ve all got those background TV shows or movies that we watch when we’re getting other things done to have something to distract us or “keep us company” in a matter of speaking. Making dinner, doing laundry, cleaning the house, have a bit of work you need to get done in the evening — you name it — pop on some Netflix and let that autoplay ROLL…




For my fiancé, Charlie, he usually watches really, really cheesy horror flicks or things he’s already seen a thousand times when he needs something on in the background. That kind of drives me crazy. If I’m going to half-watch a TV show or movie, I don’t want it to suck…huuuuge waste of time, right? He, on the other hand, doesn’t mind so much, because if we pick something good, he feels like he has to pay full attention to it. Maybe I’m being disrespectful to the “good” shows/movies by not paying full attention to them, or maybe I just have more acutely developed senses and can take it all in better than his small, male brain, I don’t know. (I’m probably also setting myself up for Alzheimer’s or ADD or something like that and should be doing Sudoku or crosswords on a daily basis, but let’s not go there.)

The point is I can power through TV shows at an impressive speed, all the while continuing to be a fully-functioning member of society. Most recent TV show in question…Season Two of Orange Is The New Black. Started Sunday night, finished tonight (Wednesday). Thirteen episodes, three days (NOT weekend days). TELL ME YOU’RE NOT IMPRESSED.


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