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Best and Worst Dressed at the 2014 EMMYS

I LOVE awards shows and I LOVE awards show fashion, but so often, I’ll watch the show and then have a thousand other things going on that I never getting around to posting a review. By the time I actually HAVE time, usually a month has passed. But I want to change that. So (only a couple weeks late), here are my best and worst dressed at the 2014 Emmys!

Best Dressed

169_3395_350Julia Roberts in Elie Saab

This is such a cool dress. I love the color, and the cut is very interesting. I just want to touch it! With all those little balls on it — the texture is so neat, and it looks amazing on her.








169_3399_350Uzo Aduba in Christian Siriano

Red is HUGE right now, and we saw a ton of it at the Emmys. And this dress is perfect. The color is amazing, and really compliments Uzo. The cut is so sexy and she pulls it off so well — she’s just oozing sexy ‘tude (get it…”uzing” LOL). I love it.








Lizzy Caplan in Donna Karan Atelier

I first saw this dress from the front, and thought it was pretty basic, but looked really good on Lizzy. But then I saw the back, with that WHITE! It is gorgeous. The front is simple and interesting with the cutouts, but then the backless back and that big white back and train make it so dramatic and exciting! 




Lena Headey in Rubin Singer


I didn’t realize she had so many tattoos! Anyhow…This dress is gorgeous. It’s simple and classic on the one hand with the black and the smooth fabric, but very interesting as well with the asymmetrical hem, the off the shoulder look, and the subtle striping in the fabric. She did a great job with the makeup too — soft smokey eye with a hint of pink lipstick and blush.







Louise Roe in Monique Lhuillier

As we’ll see with Caley Cuoco’s dress below, Monique is loving the red and pink combos lately, but where Caley’s Lhuillier dress was a bit of a miss for me, this dress is awesome. In fact, I think it’s at the top of my list. I love the abstract watercolor-ish floral pattern and the dramatic colors. The asymmetrical hemline showing her great legs off, and the volume in the skirt are really great as well. I like that she kept the hair and makeup simple and matched her nails and shoes to the dress too.





Keke Palmer in Rubin Singer

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.58.12 PM

Another Rubin Singer gown makes the “best” list! Apparently this gown was custom made for her — and you can tell! The fit is perfect, and the color is just exquisite – it all compliments her so well! There’s lots of drama in the silhouette and the color, so she did it right by pulling her hair back and opting for simple makeup – that really focuses all our attention on the dress!






Honorable Mentions
Allison Williams Giambattista Valli

I really like this dress. The colors are great and give that princess ball gown silhouette some spunk. The shape is great on her too. It’s just a little boring to me, and I feel like we’ve seen this type of look on her a lot.

Claire Danes in Givenchy Haute Couture


We’re still seeing red. And this red is incredible – a bit more on the orange side, and it looks great on Claire. I like the cutouts, the silhouette, and I even like the belt, surprisingly. I also love the matching lipstick. The neck wreath thingy though…it kills me! I just wish it wasn’t there. That’s the only thing I don’t like about this stunning dress.







Anna Gunn in Jenny Packham
Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.54.13 PM

This dress looks amazing on Anna. The color is great with her strawberry blonde hair, the cut is slimming, it’s interesting with the top beading and the slit. Overall, it’s a great choice. It’s a safe dress, though, a little mellow for my personal tastes, but she looks excellent.







Worst Dressed

Laura Prepon in Gustavo Cadile
66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

There is WAY too much going on here. Teal, emerald, peplum, one shoulder, shoulder flap, the tail or train thing…none of it works, and it’s all really distracting. Feels very old school prom. 








Lena Dunham in Giambattista Valli
What is even going on here? A friend of mine described this as resembling a tampon (UH. GROSS). But really, need I say more? Mistakes were made.






Caley Cuoco in Monique Lhuillier


I want to like this so much! The cut is dynamic and intriguing, the red (again!) is fierce, and Caley is rocking some major confidence, and that’s super hot…But the tulle combined with the red and hot pink just makes it look young and prom-ish. 








Michelle Dockery in Rosie Assoulin

First, it’s too long. It shouldn’t be bunching up at the bottom like that – with this type of fabric, that’s really noticeable. I just really don’t like this, and I know it made a lot of people’s “best” lists. I think it was a brave choice, and it’s very retro, but the blue, green, and cream don’t work for me. I think the cream washes her out and the colors aren’t right for her. Also, those wings don’t do it for me…all I can think is that she looks like a sea slug.






Katherine Heigl in John Hayles

So, when I first saw this, I assumed it would be a more mature woman wearing it…not some 30-something. This dress fits her great, her boobs look great, unfortunately the color kind of washes her out…but that’s all beside the point… it’s about 30 years too old for her.







Mayim Bialik in Oliver Tolentino

I LOVE this color. So, so much. Bu it’s all wrong for this type of dress. It it looks like she’s playing dress up as a renaissance queen or rich colonial woman. There’s just WAY too much dress. And then with such a bright color…way too much.







Mindy Kaling in Kenzo

Mindy’s makeup and hair are on point. She looks beautiful. But this dress, ahhh. The neckline and silhouette aren’t terrible for her and the color works…but that damn silver stripe! It bugs me so bad! The stripe ruins the dress and makes the fabric look cheap.

What did you guys think? Did you watch the Emmys? Who were your best or worst dressed?