Month: May 2013

APRIL Favorites

Guys, I really gotta get better at filming, editing, posting RIGHT AT THE END OF EACH MONTH. Seriously. I think I’m coming up with a better plan for more regular vids, so stay tuned.

Enjoy my April faves!

Song: “Crazy On You” by Heart
TV Show: The L Word
Clothing: Spandex pants
Makeup Item: Beauty Blender


How To Use Vine (The Basics)

Here’s a beginner’s guide to using Vine.

From the home screen, drag the screen down to refresh your feed and show the most recent posts.

“Explore” lets you browse popular people and videos that are trending.

“Activity” is where you’ll find your notifications — people who’ve liked or commented on your videos, new followers, that sort of thing.

“Profile” brings you to your personal profile, where you can view your posted videos and adjust your settings. The person icon in the upper right when you’re in profile view, allows you to find people to follow, either from your contacts, twitter, or via search.

To post a video, click the camera in the upper right. To film, just hold your finger on the screen. The green bar shows you how much you’ve filmed. You can exit out of the app before you’re finished with your video and your post will be saved as you left it. You can also choose between your normal camera and the front-facing camera.

When you’re done, click the check box in the bottom right to review your Vine. Click “next” where you will be able to add a caption, hashtags, tag friends, or add a location.

You also have the option to share your Vine on different platforms, like twitter and facebook. Click done to post your video.

The smiley face below the caption is where you click to like a video, and the speech bubble right next to it is for leaving comments.

Once your video is posted to your feed, you have the option to share it (if you didn’t already) or delete it. In order to share your post via email, click to share, and then choose the embed option and you’ll be able to send a link of your vine via email.

Hope this was helpful!